The Blue Tape


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The Blue Tape
UNiPEGaDONG Records - DONG-0002

This was Be/Non's first self-produced EP. Recorded in the early months of 1996, this EP was originally released only on cassette. Hear "The Blue Tape", re-mastered by Kliph Scurlock. Released for the first time in 16 years. Available for the first time ever on digital media.


released December 10, 1996

Original liner notes 1996:

Be/Non 4th variation spacecraft. This version can navigate interstellar space and operates interdimensionally. Brodie: gtr. voc. Dain: bass b. voc Rob: drum b. voc. This tape you're holding was mostly recorded at two different houses in Lawrence on a Tascam 488 8trk. cassette recorder, between July & November 1996 except F. I.T. B. -rec. live at Kirby's Beer Store in Wichita, October 12 1996 with 2 PZM microphones fed into a 2 trk. cassette deck. Overdubs done at our house. Thanks and Praises: Marc Tweed, David Moore, Darren Welch, Jason Lund, Darrel Brannock, Kim Feingold, Curt Flowers.

Credits 2013:
Engineered and produced by Brodie Rush.

Rob Veitch - Drums, electric Synare, vocals
Dain Peterson - Bass, vocals
Brodie Rush - Guitar, vocals, effects

All songs recorded at The Goldroom mobile 1996, except "Fantasy Island Tattoo Blews", recorded LIVE at Kirby's Beer Store, Wichita, KS, USA. Overdubbs at the Goldroom Moblie.

All music and lyrics by: Brodie Rush.
Except "Fantasy Island Tattoo Blews", music and lyrics by: Brodie Rush & Jesse Anderson.
Lyrics on: "Beating Horses", "Fly On Potatoe" & "Discouraged", by Apryll Cordero.
Cover art concept: Rob Veitch & Brodie Rush
Art/Layout: Brodie Rush
Photo by: "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier
Mastered by: Kliph Scurlock

Copyright 1996 Be/Non. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved



Over twenty years ago Brodie Rush started up a band called Be/Non. A band that has, over it’s long career, had more members than Spinal Tap. The only consistent member, songwriter and producer being Kansas City native, Brodie Rush. Be/Non still remains largely undiscovered.

Be/Non is proudly releasing its fifth record, Mystic Sunrise / Sunset Magic on Kansas City indie label Haymaker Records.
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Track Name: Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal
Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal
(Brodie Rush Copyright 1995)

Gonna get my tubes retied today
Feels real good I heard them say
Don't know what to do
Reproducing soon

Gonna tie me up and off alot
Slicing to testosterone box
Don't know what to do
Reproducing soon

Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal

Blood is running out of me
Cum is running out of me
Don't know what to do
Reproducing soon

Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal
Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal
Track Name: Beating Horses
Track Name: Fantasy Island Tattoo Blews
Track Name: Claw Use In The Autumn Years Of The 20th Century
Claw Use In The Autumn Years Of The 20th Century
(Brodie Rush copyright 1996)

You want me
Call me in then
Degrading you'll tell no one
Maybe you could tell me?
If your claw works properly

Hello girls are you in there
My heart is out and it is scared
Untie me
I'll go quietly
I see your claw works properly
Track Name: Fly On Potatoe
Track Name: Discouraged
(Music: Brodie Rush Lyrics: Apryll Cordero)

Gotta move on it's shit time
Most of my life is spent
On this pile of shit balls

Somehow I feel that
Moving all this is
Bringing my glorious potential down

Haggard legs beat
Against this barren land
And rolling this poop has
Made me sad

And in a way I'm
Feeling if
You'd take me out to roll some shit