A Valley of No: The Alternate A Mountain of Yeses


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Journey 00:45
Journey (Brodie Rush) Copyright 2009/2020
A Mountain Of Yeses (Brodie Rush) Copyright 2009/2020 Weighing in at six pounds I can't wait to see the day Fleshing out the in bounds As I call out my hooray! Beware the vacuum 'Cause the air just dissipates Crawling down the fire escape You can smell my body in you I see my path and walked down the road So I could get out of town Tried to make connection And follow it through I'm over the moon I was late for the countdown I missed the race Never fear I'm here G-force flowing through you I can count to ten I can count to ten Growing 'til I have momentum On the other side Voices call to me And the sound like BOM BOM BOM (etc.) Go away now I'm done with you I was fool not to know Everything flashes Behind my eyes No love I could have ever, known
Space Travel 03:02
Space Travel (Brodie Rush) Copyright 2009/2020 I was unpredictable and I like it I've never been lost before and I like it I've never become so free Cause I am bound to the things I believe
Fear 01:34
Fear (Brodie Rush) Copyright 2009/2020
Fire 06:39
Passion For Displacement (Brodie Rush) Copyright 2009/2020 Tell me I'm right and I belong No place I know I can call my home Scientists mock me They say I'm immune To waves of depression and impending doom What do you know? What do you get? Dreams I had Lies I have Recently I fortified the strength in resolve Barely intact I can't blend into the scene I summoned the work of inconceivable dreams Study the cosmos Intellectual fact And I proved that a map can't tell me where I'm at. I'm traveling fast enough for time to slow down. Moving much faster than light and sound
Star Trek/Title Theme (Brodie Rush) Copyright 2009/2020
Blackout/Rippin' It (Music: Brodie Rush /Lyrics: Devon Brown) Copyright 2009/2020 The night is a long night I'm early in our minds Time we spent for the dying It's long, he will mind
A Valley of No (Brodie Rush) Copyright 2009/2020 You can run You can hide Lock your pain inside 'Cause I'm loose I'm tight I can put up my dukes because I'm ready to fight Ooh, ooh I got to tell you Ooh, ooh I want somebody to talk to Ooh, ooh I got to get to you Oh yea I do, I do I really do! What a release 'Cause you fill my cup up You seal the deal Have you got the guts to be strong girl I know you well Even if you think I don't 'Cause I've been in you Your heart is dying to sleep In the Valley of No On the Planet of Knife Unopened You cut me deep Uncover the truth I left a surprise for you Uncover the truth I left a surprise for you
Greenery 01:28
Nature of Body (Brodie Rush) Copyright 2009/2020
Wasted (Brodie Rush) Copyright 2009/2020 Time again I'm going to give it my all I'm gonna knock back two of that stuff that makes me get Wasted Fucked up Wasted I fly by so low Scraping up my body All alone Pass the phone I gotta call my home I wanna make sure everything's nice 'Cause I want to get Wasted Fucked up Wasted I fly by so low Scraping up my body All alone
By the Tree 02:56
By the Tree (Brodie Rush) Copyright 2009/2020 By the tree I am whole in your arms Even though I'm holding the knife I am here To tell you goodbye Even though I'm missing you I am here to say goodnight There was a time when you laid by my side I hadn't fear as I held you tight I am here To say it's alright I understand that you had to go I didn't know that your candle burned low Oh my dear I loved your life (Wail) You were limp in my frozen arms Your eyes were open and waiting Oh my Boi You made me smile I laid you down to embrace the sky I lit the match and I burned you high Oh my dear I say goodnight Goodnight
Over the Moon (Brodie Rush) Copyright 2009/2020 Hello dear It's nice to meet you I'm here because I'm feeling incomplete I never got your name Because I never tried And I can't shake emotions that I have inside You moved me And I don't know why You move me Until I cried And now... It's nice to meet you I'm now Over the Moon Never to come back And now That I'm over you On this day A million miles away You told me that you could not ever love again I climbed aboard my vessel And you waved to me goodbye I never knew you had blue tears behind your eyes Move me Through the distant skies You moved me Until I died And now I have to leave you I'm now Over the Moon Never to come back And now That I'm over you Cause now, that I'm insane Aftermath remains There's no more looking back It's time to face the facts I'll love you just the same As rocket engine flame Since that day has come It’s multiplied Fantastic tales of living out a life I wanted to explain the fear behind my eyes I wanted you to know the painful plight You moved me And I don't know why I'm now Over the Moon Never to come back And now That I'm over you
Space (Demo) 03:22
Space (Brodie Rush) Copyright 2009/2020 Feeling better than I have for days and days Further on my way to be a superstar I can't recall the time at all A distant sun revealed Nice to see a different world That's spinning round and round to welcome me Hello dear you seem sincere and looking good Help me on my way to meet the gang? If I was in my right mind I'd tell you what I think Never share my deepest feelings So they can't be used to use the pain I can travel alone while I'm singing a song I can rocket across the sky You were not right You weren't my type at all I can only say that it was fun But now it's time to go away
Planet of Knives (Brodie Rush) Copyright 2009/2020 I can love you I can tame you I decide life I will shape you I will break you Feel the cold knife Me I'm not so bad Don't confuse that I could thrill you I could kill you Now that the tables have turned I will destroy The person you are For trying to make me bleed Oh you tried so hard You pulled the death card


A Valley of No: The Alternate A Mountain of Yeses.
This album is a journey into the sculpting process of creating "A Mountain of Yeses" (2009). In contrast to the original release, this compilation contains alternate mixes, isolated tracks and demo versions. Be/Non presents a bizarro-like version of the AMOY album, showing an alternate universe what could have been if the creation of the album went on a divergent path. Behold the paradoxical serendipity of Be/Non's unique take on constructing a space-themed story/album. A visual accompaniment to the album has been in production since 2008 and now has a 2021 release date.


released April 8, 2020

A Valley of No: The Alternate A Mountain Of Yeses

Recorded with the loose concept of being a story set in space.
After many weekly collaborations with Devin Brown, Be/Non finally had a skeleton of what would become a full-on, fleshed-out concept record. Act one and act two.

Fully realized. In 2009 Brodie Rush set out to turn the album into a 50 minute film. Still in post production, Be/Non hopes to have a completed film by spring 2021.
released May 12, 2009

Brodie Rush: Kitchen Sink
Ben Ruth: Bass guitar
Ryan Shank: Drums & percussion
Jeremiah James: Guitar, Moog & Vocals

Brainchild: Brodie Rush
Assisted by: Devon Brown
Furthered conceptual development by: Jeremiah James

Auxiliary: Devon Brown, Brody Doores, Mike Cochran, Yob, Jimmy Sullivan, Danny Talmadge, Kyle Jones, Mike Teeter, Justin Norcross, Bronson Kistler, Jon Bazata, Krista Robinson, Raindog, Ruby

Recorded at: Winnipeg, The Goldroom (Mobile) between Fall 2007 & Summer 2008

Mastered September 25th 2008 by Duane Trower at Weights and Measures Soundlab

LP designed by Justin Wright

Dedicated to Peggy Stronach

Copyright 2009/2020 Be/Non. All rights reserved.


all rights reserved




Over twenty years ago Brodie Rush started up a band called Be/Non. A band that has, over it’s long career, had more members than Spinal Tap. The only consistent member, songwriter and producer being Kansas City native, Brodie Rush. Be/Non still remains largely undiscovered.

Be/Non is proudly releasing its 9th record, A Valley of No: The Alternate A Mountain of Yeses on Haymaker Records.
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